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My Strength Programs

5-Week Beginners Strength Program
Level: Beginner

This program is for those who have never lifted weights and want to get started.

Each week consists of:

Three different "follow-along" full-body workouts ranging from 25 to 35 minutes, warm-up and cool-down.

Develop strength, stability, and body awareness and get familiar with different lifts that will set you up to continue with any of the other programs and workouts in the app.

List of equipment:
Floor and wall space
Three sets of dumbbells (or adjustable ones)
- Lightweight ( 2 - 4kg/ 4 - 8lb )
- Mediumweight (4 - 6kg/ 8 -13lb)
- Heavyweight - optional - (8 -10kg/ 16 - 22lb)
A bench / stable chair or box
A long light resistance band
A mini-band medium/hard resistance.
8-Week Strength Program
Level: Beginner/ Intermediate 
This program is for those who need a set program to follow, those who want to know exactly what to do every day, and don't want to waste time picking and choosing workouts from my app's feed.

Each week consists of 5 different 30 min workouts and 2 full rest days, you will also find a few different warm-ups, and every workout comes with a cool-down routine. 
The week looks something like this:
Day 1 - Upper Body
Day 2 - Lower Body
Day 3 - Yoga/Active Recovery
Day 4 - Full Body
Day 5 - Core and something else
Day 6 and 7 - Rest
List of equipment:
Floor and wall space
Four sets of dumbbells (or adjustable ones)
- Extra light (For mobility work - I used 2kg)
- Lightweight (I used 4kg)
- Mediumweight (I used 8kg)
- Heavy (I used 10-12kg)
Kettlebell medium/heavyweight (I used 8 and 12kg)
Resistance band medium/hard 
A bench or a stable chair or box
For the yoga classes:
- Two yoga blocks
- Foam roller
- Dowel
6-Week Intermediate Strength Program
Level: Intermediate 
This is an intermediate-level program combining resistance training (weights) and aerobic work.

Each workout consists of a weight training session with 6 different lifting exercises followed by 5 minutes of aerobic work and a cool down.
Each week looks something like this: 5 different workouts, 1 active rest day, and 1 full rest day.
Day 1 - Push and Squat
Day 2 - Pull and Hinge
Day 3 - Active Rest
Day 4 - Push and Pull
Day 5 - Squat and Hinge
Day 6 - Arms and Core
Day 7 - Full Rest
List of equipment:
Floor and wall space
Pull-up Bar
Four to five sets of dumbbells (or adjustable ones)
- Lightweight (I used 4kg/8lb)
- Mediumweight (I used 8kg/17lb)
- Heavy (I used 10kg/22lb)
- Extra Heavy (I used 12,5kg and 15kg/27lb-33lb)
Kettlebell medium/heavyweight (I used 8kg/17lb and 16kg/34lb)
Barbell (optional)
Jump rope
A miniband medium/hard 
A long resistance band medium/hard
A bench or something stable to lay on top of
A box or something stable to jump onto
Foam roller
Two yoga blocks or parallettes
Extra padding for hip thrusts

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