Yoga Workshops

Workshop Yoga Uppsala

Handstand workshop

This is a level 1 workshop where you will explore the basic drills, steps and tools to develop a handstand practice.

You will learn drills as:

  • Warming up your wrists and shoulders.
  • Flexibility for your hamstrings and shoulders.
  • Strength exercises for your whole body to support your handstand practice.
  • Using the wall to find right alignment.
  • Jumping up to handstand in the middle of the room.
  • Falling in a safe way.
  • Handstands are an empowering practice and it takes just that, practice.

This workshop can be done in one day or over two days. Lets discuss whats best for your studio.


All about backbends

Unlock the secrets of the spine in our backbend workshop sessions.

On the physical level, backbends stimulate the central nervous system, boost immunity, and increase mobility in the spinal column. Psychologically and energetically backbends teach us to be more patient with ourselves and allow for deep front body opening.

In this workshop we learn the fundamental alignment techniques to incorporate into a variety of back bending postures. Discover what limits us in our backbends, whether it be shoulders, hips, your breath or fear and learn how to move past these obstacles to create free flowing movement in our backbends.

This workshop is for beginners as advanced students, it will deepen your understanding of backbends and enable you to practice them with strength, stability and grace.​

This is a 2 hour workshop.

Workshop Yoga Uppsala

Yoga strength workshop

Compliment your yoga practice with strength.

In this workshop we will work with our bodies from a beginner level up. Developing strength step by step.

Flexibility tends to take a big role on yoga, but strength is the key to keep our bodies safe during our yoga practice. Strength helps to stabilise the joints, this can help to prevent injuries – especially important for those with joint hypermobility.

It’s the best way to support every single aspect of your practice, from forward bends, back bends, standing postures, arm balances to being upside down.

This is a 90min workshop.

Vinyasa fundamentals

Vinyasa Fundamentals

In this mini workshop we go through the ABC’s of vinyasa, you are in the right place!

We will focus on the concept of ujaayi breath, review postures like downward facing dog, warrior l, warrior ll, high lunge, plank pose, chaturanga and sun salutations. We will have time to break each posture down for you to understand how to move through a vinyasa class on a safe and confident way, plus we get time for answers and questions.

No previous experience needed. This workshop is open for everyone who is eager to learn a little bit more about the practice.