Born in Mexico, Lizette started traveling at the age of 18. Her mother pushed her to see the world, and she realized that the quote ”home is where your heart is” was a true fit for her life. She’s been living in different countries and although she went back home (Monterrey, Mexico) a few times, she managed to leave again.

She found yoga while living in Madrid in 2008 and never looked back.

After taking her first Yoga TT in USA 2010, she moved to Stockholm with her now-husband to finally open their own yoga studio Hot Yoga Uppsala in Uppsala, Sweden in 2011.

” Yoga is what makes me connect with myself, as I practice and listen to my breath, only then can I quiet my mind ”

Lizette is a versatile yoga teacher who loves to incorporate strength in different ways through class. She now teaches mainly Vinyasa and Hatha. She came to yoga for the physical benefits, but today she also finds strength and empowerment through meditation and breathing exercises.

Her mission is to inspire others to get physically and mentally strong while using traditional yoga mixed with strength drills and workouts. She is particularly happy when she can combine yoga and empowering women, which is an ongoing project for her, especially with yoga strength drills. 



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Classes and Workshops


You can find me teaching daily at Hot Yoga Uppsala. Book a class here.

Upcoming events

Yoga Strong

Yoga Strong at Hot Yoga Uppsala

Uppsala yoga people! Once a month we get together and do some strength training, then, we do some yoga to stretch before going home. This is not a yoga class, this is me sharing my strength training with you.

Women only.

This is totally free for those of you who have an active membership or klippkort with Hot Yoga Uppsala. Not a member at Hot Yoga Uppsala or you are on your introduction, this session costs like a drop-in. 

Next session is on October 20th at 15:00. Book here.

Yoga Games Stockholm

I’m happy to announce that I will be teaching at Yoga Games in February 2019. 

To buy your tickets click here and get a 300kr discount by using the code: Lizette

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