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Hi, I’m Lizette. I’m a yoga teacher and student of yoga teaching in Uppsala, Sweden and online classes at Yogateket.

I started practicing yoga ten years ago in Madrid without knowing that it would change my life. At the beginning most of my practice was related to the asana practice, I wanted to get sweaty, work hard and go home, but as time passed, I got more interested in deepening my knowledge. I started including meditation and pranayama to my practice until one day I realized the big impact yoga had on my mind.​

As a teacher, one of the things I enjoy the most is watching my students grow in their practice. Teaching is my calling; I love teaching workshops where I get to have a closer interaction with my students.

I believe that being active in the physical body helps you quiet the mind and find internal strength. Helping women feel strong is one of my ongoing projects.

I regularly teach at my studio Hot Yoga Uppsala; you can also take my classes on my YouTube channel and on the online yoga platform Yogateket.com.

A little bit further down you can see some of the workshops I teach here in Sweden as well as internationally.


Join me and take my yoga class anytime, from anywhere!

Yogateket streams HD yoga classes of all different levels and lengths from me as well as numerous other talented teachers. Visit yogateket.com to join and you get 2 weeks for free.

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How to stay motivated

I often get asked how I stay motivated with my yoga practice and training routine. I rarely feel not motivated. I mostly look forward to

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1 min yoga workout

1 Minute Workout

Let’s play a game. Let’s do a 1 Minute Workout. It’s fun, not everyday you have time to do more and 1 minute will leave

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Tadasana In Every Asana

Tadasana In Every Asana I have a new full length vinyasa flow class up now at Yogateket. Tadasana (mountain pose) is one of the fundamental

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Classes and Workshops


You can find me teaching daily at Hot Yoga Uppsala. Book a class here.

Upcoming events

Yoga Strong

Yoga Strong at Hot Yoga Uppsala

Uppsala yoga people! Once a month we get together and do some strength training, then, we do some yoga to stretch before going home. This is not a yoga class, this is me sharing my strength training with you.

Women only.

This is totally free for those of you who have an active membership or klippkort with Hot Yoga Uppsala. Not a member at Hot Yoga Uppsala or you are on your introduction, this session costs like a drop-in. 

Next session is on September 29th at 15:00. Book here.

Workshop Yoga Uppsala

I offer a varied selection of Yoga Workshops. Read more on the Yoga Workshop page.


I offer a varied selection of yoga Theme Classes. Read more on the Theme Classes page.