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Hello, my name is Lizette Pompa

Born in Mexico, I started traveling at the age of 18. My mother pushed me to see the world, and I realized that the quote ”home is where your heart is” was a true fit for my life. I've been living in different countries, and although I went back home (Monterrey, Mexico) a few times, I managed to leave again.


I found yoga while living in Madrid in 2008 and never looked back.

After taking my first Yoga TT in USA 2010, I moved to Stockholm with my now-husband to finally open our yoga studio Hot Yoga Uppsala in Uppsala, Sweden in 2011.


My teaching style incorporates strength and functional movement in different ways. I came to yoga for the physical benefits, but today I also find strength and empowerment through meditation and breathing exercises.


Yoga and empowering women are an ongoing project for me. I want to inspire others to get physically and mentally strong while using traditional yoga mixed with kettlebells, functional movement, strength drills, and workouts.