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Hello, my name is Lizette Pompa

Lizette Pompa is a Yoga Teacher and Strength Coach. 

Born in Mexico, Lizette came across yoga in 2009 while living in Madrid, and never looked back.

"There are many things I could say about the benefits of this practice, but to me, it ticks all the spots. It gives you a deep physical practice while connecting you to a more profound sense of self"

She is certified in Yoga Medicine, Jason Crandell's Yoga Method, and Yoga Detour Method.

Lizette has been teaching since 2010. In 2019 she launched her app to share her love for both strength training and yoga.


Her goal is to empower women to build stronger bodies through weights, yoga, and movement.

With her strength programs, she wants to create a space where women feel comfortable lifting weights, doing yoga, and being themselves. 

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