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Yoga with Weights

Yoga with Kettlebells

This title might sound a bit odd to some. Some might think that yoga has nothing to do with weights, but to me, yoga goes beyond asana and breath.

Yoga, to me, is the time I can spend on my mat while being completely focused on myself. It's me being selfish. No one else around, not having to listen to someone or be distracted by something, it's my "me time" at it's best.

It's been a few years since I started incorporating weight training into my daily practice. The changes it brought to my overall being were amazing. It didn't only make me stronger it gave me more control over the way I moved, and it took some pain away.

For many years, yoga has mainly been focused on becoming more flexible. It's said that stretching regularly will prevent injury, but somewhere at some point we took stretching to the edge and forgot to strengthen those parts that were being overly stretched.

Just think about your hamstrings and how much work you have put on stretching them but probably never thought about strengthening them.

There is just so much strength we can train during a yoga class while only using our body weight. Especially to the lower body. Once our body has worked through the same postures over and over again, it doesn't gain more strength. The body adapts, and then it needs something novel to gain more muscle.

For our muscles to become stronger, they need to contract against enough resistance to increase force, that's when an added load (weights) becomes so beneficial.

By doing yoga with weights or yoga with kettlebells, we are challenging our muscles to generate more force, and by doing so, become stronger.

It's not so hard!.

Grab a kettlebell and start doing some Sun Salutations with it. The forward fold with the weight will strengthen your hamstrings, lifting the kettlebell over your head will make your shoulders more resilient.

You don't have to start super heavy, start light, and gradually progress with the load you use. As your body gets stronger, it will adapt and will be able to carry more weight.

Get ready to stronger shoulders, glutes, hips, knees, legs, well... everything.

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