• Lizette Pompa

The Importance of Practicing What You Teach

I many times come across teachers who have lost the love for the practice but keep on teaching. I also many times come across classes where the teacher is just saying a script, they have either heard the same instructions many times coming from other teachers, and they repeat what they have listened to, or they just don't even bother to go beyond those words to understand what they actually mean.

To me, my teaching comes from my own practice.

And please, don't misunderstand this. My primary practice is not yoga anymore.

My teaching comes from all the other practices I do because even though yoga is not my first option anymore, is still practice it and it is what I teach, I don't see myself teaching anything else just yet.

The thing is, if I take a yoga class, I want to take it from someone I know is practicing what they teach. I have no interest whatsoever in practicing a scripted class or a flow/dance kind of thing. I want more. I want to feel what that teacher means with their words, I want to feel like I connect and that she or he has felt on its body what they are asking me to do.

How is your teaching? Are you teaching from what you are practicing, or are you feeling a bit empty?

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