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Strength Training to Support Your Yoga Practice

Uppdaterad: 19 mar 2019

I often get asked if I do something else besides yoga.

The answer is: Yes!

I love doing strength training. But I, as many other people, dislike going to the gym.

When I started doing yoga 8 years ago, all I did was yoga. I was practicing around 5 to 6 times a week and I believed that yoga was enough for me, that I didn’t need anything else. I continued with only yoga for 3 more years. It was after my oldest daughter Isa was born that I started to integrate some strength training to my practice.

Mainly because I didn’t have time to take a full yoga class, let’s say that she was very demanding of me during the first year of her life. So I started to do this short HIIT trainings whenever she would nap and give me 20 minutes to do them.They were tough!

I was weak and my body was trying to get back to normal after having a baby. But I told myself that I was going to do 10 minutes every day. Just to get my heart pumping and do something! Soon enough they started to feel great!. I mean it, they felt so good, that I couldn’t stop.

Ten minutes became 15, then 20, sometimes 30 minutes. Then a bought a kettlebell, a pair of dumbbells and that was it! I was in love! Seriously.

I had the kettlebell and the pair of dumbbells but I was mainly working out with my body weight. Push-ups became one of my favorite exercises and the change my body went through was amazing. In three months I was looking strong!. I was stronger than I had ever been. I was very dedicated, I was doing HIIT workouts 5 to 6 times a week plus short yoga sequences. To me that was the perfect combination.

Soon after I became pregnant again. My body didn’t really appreciate strength training during my second pregnancy, so I stopped. I focused only on my yoga practice. I missed the training side of me, so much, I often dreamed about working out, I swear.

I had a beautiful and to be honest – too fast second delivery -. Just so that you have an idea I can tell you that Ella came to this world 10 minutes after arriving at the hospital. My body recovered so quickly due to the fast delivery that I was back to my yoga practice after a week. Four weeks later I started slow with strength straining. To my surprise my body responded super fast. By twelve weeks postpartum you couldn’t tell I had a three month baby. So I did it again. I combined 10 to 20 min HIIT workouts with a short yoga practice to suit me and my two small children.

Soon enough it all made sense. Both of them yoga + strength worked perfectly together. So I started incorporating more strength moves during my practice to merge both on a yoga class.

The classes I teach usually have a lot of strength drills, not all of them, but many. I believe that feeling strong physically helps you to feel stronger mentally. I love watching my students become stronger through their yoga practice. So if you want to start but don’t know where, you can start right here with me. Just go to my YouTube channel and try one of my Yoga workouts. You don’t need a gym or fancy equipment, you just need the desire to feel better and get stronger.

One step at the time, one movement will take you to another. Let’s get strong together!

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