• Lizette Pompa

How is Your Teaching Feeling Lately?

We have all been there, feeling a bit tired or maybe not so inspired about teaching. It’s ok, it happens, it’s part of the process. We give a lot, and the energy starts to go down.

So we either need a break or a workshop or start teaching somewhere else.

But what about when you feel uninspired because what you teach doesn’t make sense anymore?

You know the feeling. Going in the room saying a bunch of stuff you learned but that maybe no one really explained to you.

Or maybe the yoga you have been practicing it’s hurting your body, but you don’t know what to do, so even though you don’t feel it’s helping you, you keep teaching the same way.

Or when you start learning something else and all of the sudden what you say feels like it’s not true anymore and so you get confused.

I have been there. I have been learning, and the more I learn, the more I understand that the way I teach has to change. It needs to adapt to give space to what I have to offer because if I don’t make space for it, I suffocate.

How do you confront that? How do you put that together and keep teaching from a place of authenticity but without losing your students?

To me, it comes down to my own practice, I practice what I learn, I feel it in my body, then I start to see how I can adapt it to class, slowly, bringing in what I want to say and give.

I didn’t change everything from one day to another, my students still want that sense of ”Yoga,” that flow, their Sun Salutes, etc.

So I have slowly been incorporating more of what I want to bring at the beginning, middle and end of the class. It still looks like a yoga class, but I sneak in what I want them to learn and achieve throughout the class.

When it comes down to new cues, new ways to use muscles, I just tell them up front ”I have learned something new, my cues will be different, let’s try how it feels.”

I’m honest with them, I’m learning, let’s learn together.

I believe that those who like my classes and have learned from me, follow along and adapt as I grow. Because I’m not growing alone, they are growing with me, we all do. The more I learn, the more I can give them, and they like that.

So, have you learned something new? Do you feel like you want to change the way you are teaching? Do you want your teaching to make sense to you?

Then, start with yourself. Practice, feel, and experience that new thing, make it yours because remember, you have to teach from a place of authenticity. So for it to be authentic, you have to resonate with it.

Once you have done that, start teaching it. Because if you believe in it, your students will feel it and they will love it too. If they trust you, they will follow.

This is your teaching, remember how bad you wanted to teach at the beginning? Well, work towards keeping that flame alive, give, teach and when you need a break, take it. Because only then will you be teaching feeling full.

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