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Healing Crystals: A Guide for Beginners

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If you have followed me on IG for a while, then you probably know that I love crystals and their healing properties.

I first came in contact with crystals when I was 10 years old. I had been suffering from anxiety and was going through a hard period of panic attacks right in the morning when getting ready for school. My mum had tried everything, and she suddenly remembered this TV show she had watched with a woman talking about crystals and their healing properties.

So of course she went and bought a few quartz, different shapes, and sizes and then came back home to tell me about them.

I liked them from the beginning and right away hanged one on my neck. As my anxiety dissapered, I was entirely convinced that my quartz was pure magic.

I have used them back and forth since then.

Here comes a quick and straightforward guide on how to choose, clean and charge your crystals to keep them clean, charged and full of energy to serve you better.

What are the best healing crystals to have?

First of all, my favorite crystal is raw, clear crystal quartz. This one is good for almost anything, I have many of them, I also have the rose quartz and amethyst. The second one I would recommend is black tourmaline, this is one of the best crystals for energy field protection and negative energies.

How to choose your crystals

First things first: try to buy your crystals in person, not online.

This is because you want to be able to feel the energy of the crystal, something you can't do if you buy them online.

I have bought many online because it's hard to find them here, but somehow my favorite ones will always be the ones I choose by my self.

Once you find a place to buy your crystals, this is the way you want to proceed:

  • Hold them on your left hand, close your eyes (yes, I know it sounds woo-woo, shut them) and wait a little bit to see if the crystal gives you any kind of vibration. Each crystal has its own vibrational energy, and you want to pair that energy with yours.

You are looking for some kind of feeling, don't expect it to vibrate on your hand (ha!), but you should be able to feel some kind of energy coming from it.

Once you have bought your crystals, make sure you clean them before you wear them or use them.

When you buy them online, they usually say that they have already cleaned the crystals before sending them to you. Clean them anyways.

How to clean your crystals

  • Sage wand: this is my y favorite way to clean my crystals, and it smells fantastic (I like it), you don't need a lot of time, and you can clean all of them and your self in one round.

It's quite simple, just light up the wand and let the crystals be touched by the smoke on one side for a few seconds, turned them around and repeat.

  • Salted water: another method is to place your crystals in salted water overnight, then you rinse them in the morning. Be careful because this does not work with all the crystals, some of them can get damaged with the salt. It works with quartz though.

  • Nag Champa: Same as with sage, but you can use this incense to smoke them.

How to charge your crystals

Hold your crystals on your right hand and set an intention for them, it could be anything; protection, love, etc... then.

  • Sunlight/Moonlight: leave your crystals outside where they can get either sun or moonlight for at least 6 hours.

  • Reiki master: If you know a Reiki master who you have been working with, they could charge your crystal with some healing energy.

  • Hold them on your right hand and repeat a mantra for as long as you can. Visualize it, say the words over and over.

Repeat the cleaning and recharge steps when you feel your crystals need it. It could be anything from one week to a couple of months depending on how your energy is flowing.

These are powerful things, enjoy their energy.

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