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Evolving Your Teaching

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I have to admit. I used to teach workout classes, not yoga classes. Well, I would call them yoga, but they were filled with planks, push-ups, side planks, etc.

I just loved that, I loved the sweat, the workout, the strength required to get through the class. Of course, it was not everyone's class. Many people (or most) were not ready for a heavy class like that, I was, but I didn't know better about how to prepare my students for it.

Years have passed and thanks God I have learned a few things through these years.

I believe my teaching has changed a lot, I still focus a lot on strength, but in a different way. I have learned how to pay attention to the small details, I have learned how to warm up and prepare the body so that most of the students in my class can feel the benefits, or better said, can benefit from it.

In a big way, it's not about fancy poses anymore, it's about finding stability, real core strength and being able to breathe throughout the class. This has also made me use my imagination a lot more, many times it doesn't look a lot like yoga, we use different props, from towels, blocks, straps to a tennis ball, all to make our bodies work more smartly and efficiently.

I have fun, lots of fun and I believe my students have fun too.

When you start doing things that aren't expected they have no time to think or to let their thoughts take over, they are right here, at the moment.

I receive many questions online about where I learned my style of teaching, the truth is, it comes with time. There's no place where you can learn how to teach as I do. It comes from your heart, doing what you love and cueing as you do. You have to practice, feel it, make mistakes, etc... Eventually, you get there, if you keep doing it.

To me, the answer is simple: Keep learning, reading, searching.

You need to evolve in your practice to grow in your teaching. And I'm not talking about doing more advanced postures, I'm talking about continuing with your education. It's so easy now, If you search the right way, you can find so much excellent and valuable information right at your fingertips. The Internet is an excellent tool for that, you can find so many good online courses, take advantage of it, you don't need to travel anywhere.

But then remember, you have to make it work. Whatever you learn, make sure you practice it, feel it, make it yours. You can only teach from a place of experience, you can't make it up.

Learn and practice, then let your teaching evolve.

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