Arm position – Downward facing dog

The placement of the arms during Downward facing dog can be a little bit confusing as new practitioners and even as a experienced ones.
It can vary a little bit depending on which yoga tradition your practice is based but this is the way I find works for most students.
What I show on the video below it’s me on all fours first internally rotating the arms, then working on externally rotating them. As I go into down dog I’m working with external rotation of the upper arms, then I internally rotate them for you to see the difference. Notice how my shoulder blades squeeze in together around the straps of my top (internal rotation). Then notice how I externally rotate again, creating space through my shoulder blades, sending my biceps forwards, triceps back.
This movement will follow your thorough your class, specially through your vinyasa. The arms will continue to externally rotate as you move into plank, chaturanga, upward dog and back onto downward dog.
Experiment with it and notice the difference it creates, specially around your neck and shoulders.


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